Can't Remove 'Dash to Dock' Completely

Hello EveryOne!!
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I updated to Ubuntu 21.10 and I am loving it but there is one problem,
As the Dash to Dock extension was not available for GNOME 40 in Ubuntu 21.10 , It showed an error saying that this GNOME version is not supported.
So, I decided to remove it,
But when I removed it from the GNOME Extensions App, It is still not removed, I can still see the Dash to Dock’s Dock at the centre

Please help me completely remove it so that I will be able to use the good Ubuntu dock itself.

Thank you in advance!!


I am just adding 2 screen-shots here that its still there and it is not looking proper too,

There is absolutely no space between that semi transperent outer cover which we see when an app windows is open and the applications menu.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I use “floating dock” extension (it’s a “better” fork of dash 2 dock) and I kept getting double docks (i.e. the floating dock ontop of the standard one) so I removed it :

sudo apt remove gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock

and that got rid of the double dock issue… I don’t know if “floating dock” works in Gnome 4.x or not… Sorry…

It think the lack of “dash 2 dock” extension in Gnome 4.x was what convinced me not to use Fedora 34 when I recently tried it out… I kept jumping / hopping till I ended up back at Ubunu 20.04 again…

I probably won’t go any further (i.e. 21.04, 21.10 or 22.04) until I’ve seen fixes / updates for a few things :

  • dash 2 dock extension working on Gnome 4.x
  • method to disable the UGLY Microsoftish forced update on boot

Seriously? - a Linux system, after booting past grub, “Updating, do not turn off your computer…” Well, I have no idea how long it would have taken because I DID TURN OFF the computer and went distro hopping :smiley:

I’ve tried a few google-fu hunts for “how to prevent Ubuntu 21.04 auto update” but ALL I GET ARE FREAKING dummies guides about how to update to 21.04 or 21.10!!!

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But sir,
Thats not my point,
I want to remove the dash-to-dock extension.

Let it be,
I will surely try out Floating Dock and tell u how it went for me

Thanks for your kind reply!! :blush:

I was under the impression that you can’t even install it, in the first place, in Gnome 4.0… It was wasn’t visible when I tried to connect to with the extensions “extension” installed in Fedora 34, with the “Gnome Shell Extensions” plugin installed in Firefox (lets you install, and / or enable/disable extensions)…

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I have started to use the Floating Dock
It is pretty good

I also faced with the double dock issue,
So I just turned the Ubuntu Dock off using the GNOME Extensions Tool.

Thanks for your help!!
I will close this thread and mark ur first reply as the Solution :blush: :pray:

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Damn! I wish I knew that earlier :smiley: - I consider you my guinea pig, kind sir! :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:

I might have stuck with Fedora 23 a bit longer… what made me switch, mostly, was I couldn’t get Checkpoint’s hideous SNX firewall client working (I need this for work).

I think what I might do is checkout Fedora 34 in VirtualBox and see if I can get the Checkpoint Pezzo-di-Merda VPN client working in Fedora… Once I know that - I can tryout Gnome 4.0 with the Floating Dock extension… :smiley: cheers mate!

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