Can't restore firefox settings with .mozilla backup

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Nope. The account exists on the server. If I install Thunderbird on a distro in Boxes, a VM, I tell it what account to fetch, give it the password, and it goes to the ISP and fetches the account. My email accounts live on my servers, not on my computer.

Aaand it’s working again. I really. Don’t. Understand.

Oh well, hopefully this’ll be of interest to someone. Maybe it had something to do with Firefox Sync?

My visualization is that there is a Mozilla storage area with two files bearing my name: one for Firefox and one for Thunderbird. Any time I install a new distro and start either program–they seem to be defaults in most distros–entering my email address goes to that storage area and brings me all my Thunderbird stuff. Same with Firefox–once I sign in with my id and password, it goes to the storage area and customizes Firefox for me. Both programs synchronize based on my saved settings.

Pretty understandable to me.

Hi again

Is it possible that distros in which Firefox is a flatpak or snap give me trouble? Yesterday I couldn’t restore Firefox settings with a backup of the .mozilla directory to a fresh install of Fedora, but today I installed Linux Mint and everything worked fine.

What about Firefox Sync? You had already fiddled around with it.

Yeah I probably should, shouldn’t I :slight_smile: It’s very handy and would be a solution.