CD quality test or surface scan programs?

One of the last Windows programs I depend on is Nero DiskSpeed to do a surface scan of audio CDs that I am selling on Amazon and Discogs. I have looked high and low, and even asked developers of audio encoders, without luck.
I need it to see if a CD that I am shipping out is good enough. Nero finds weak spots that are not even skipping yet, so I can warn buyers in advance.
Are there any Linux programs that can do this?

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I never used any such product. In fact, I haven’t used a CD in years. Replied to your topic so that it gets more visibility :wink:


nero is an great disc utility to be sure. i haven’t used it in some time, but still appreciate the quality. i wasn’t aware of this particular functionality. if you don’t find a suitable replacement and are looking for a way to replace having to dual boot, there is the virtual machine option.


By the way, from what I remember, Brasero is considered to be the alternative of Nero. It comes pre-installed on many distributions:

Have you tried it already?


Brasero does a simple file integrity check, which does not provide information on Audio CDs. It was created with CD-R and DVD-R in mind. @01101111 has a good suggestion on the virtual machine option, which would be better than rebooting for one application!