Chalet Linux Distro

Linux Chalet Distro
I am always looking for something I haven’t tried. Chalet Linux 32bit is a pleasant surprise.
It does come in 64bit but I am not sure the Distro is being actively developed any longer.
It is a lovely Distro and very easy to configure. BTW this has been updated to 18.04.

It was one of those Windows-like distributions. From what it seems, it is not being developed anymore.

That is what I thought. I wonder how many Distros have come and gone? Are their too many Distros?

A lot of them actually. You cannot keep a count of them.

There is this website that keeps a track of most OS:

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Very interesting read!!! Looks like most were tied to the demise of the x86 platform. I will still say their are too many distros serving the same dish, with a trying to look like something else theme. Why not just one Linux OS and be done with it?

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Yes, I agree with you @4dandl4 that there are too many Distros out there. @Akito just posted an interesting read that almost all distro are the same. Just the DE or WM changes. It is posted under the discussion “Any experience with LXLE” .


Yes, that may be true. Linux is Linux and not Windows, and can never be like Windows, under the hood, except in look-alike. Now throw in all the FM’s, DE’s, and the my distro is best, and it really shows how broken Linux has become. I believe in running Linux on real hardware, but I also will protect my Windows install by unplugging the drive when I am reviewing a distro, unless it is installed in a VM. I like to review a distro, every now and then, but I also like using W10 to run my PC.

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