Change program name using symbolic link [Solved]

I installed tilde in my Manjaro, and it is working fine and I love the fact that it looks the same as old ms-dos edit back on 1988-1998 when I was using it for work on clipper programming,
now I want to make a symbolic link and name it edit
I used

ln -s tilde edit

this works fine on normal use anywhere but, if I do this

yay -S google-chrome-beta --editmenu --editor edit

it wont work and vi opens instead as I haven’t specified an editor
so what I need is a global symbolic link so even on the last way of call it accept it anf opens my (edit)
can anybody help?

Delete this link and then replace the previous one with the same, but this time use absolute paths.

That worked

sudo ln -s /bin/tilde /bin/edit

every thing is working like charm
thank you