Change the GNOME overview background to Transparent (Apps Menu)

Hi :wave: Im Aman ,
Back after a long time .
Recently I installed Ubuntu Impish Indri with GNOME 40 built in .
My question is How to change the gloomy grey background to transparent .
Could you suggest some hacks how to do it .
Thanks in advance ,

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Hey Aman,

I had a similar requirement a few days ago, and finally have found an extension for that!
It’s called Blur my shell, which gave the exact same look as shown in the reddit.
Find it here:

Blur my Shell

After updating the extension, PLEASE make sure to logout and re-login so that gnome-shell can reload the extension correctly. This is not a bug from Blur my Shell, but an unfortunate issue from gnome shell.

Like, this doesn’t give you a transparent look, but a translucent one :slight_smile:
Check here:

— Pranav Krishna (@TheProudLinuxer) November 4, 2021
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