Change USB camera?

I’ve got a USB Borescope camera (8mm dia, gets into small holes) that I want to use with Mint 18 (still haven’t upgraded LOL)
Anyway, Any time I try to open camera software laptop defaults to onboard USB camera (built in webcam) and does not give me any options for input.
Plugging in any other camera automatically opens picture importer and want’s to download files but doesn’t give any other options (use as webcam, etc)
Drivers were designed for Windows (XP to Win 7, it’s a bit old)
I’m pretty sure there is a real simple fix but I cannot think of it,.
Initially I thought Mint would detect it and use as default but it doesn’t even show up on list of hardware?
I ran it on a Win PC to check it isn’t a broken lead or something equally dumb, worked fine.
Any suggestions welcome (except the one that says bin it and get something newer)