Changed icons .. I dont like it

Can anyone explain why people’s icons are changing.?

I tried to change it back to my original, but the system has lost it and I will have to upload it again.
Have better things to do .

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I looked long and hard for an appropriate icon, then it changed without notice. I didn’t like it either. I navigated to my profile/preferences and edited the icon, replacing it with my portrait. Do you suppose the icons/avatars were changed by the program that the forum uses when the whole ItsFOSS package was changed? Note to admin: the roundabout login process is pretty cumbersome.


Hi Bill, :wave:

I guess so.

Before that nothing of the kind had ever happened, I think.

I had to replace mine as well in order to get my ancient one back.
After a while the new logo was there again and I had to go through the same procedure a second time. :neutral_face:

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bill,
I will second that

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I did the same… uploaded the photo again
By the way, it really is a picture of me shearing sheep.

Lets see if my preferred icon sticks.


Dunno why - but I assumed when I found out you were an Aussie with almost a decade on me - you had a healthy beard - but just realised you probably wouldn’t tolerate such outrageous growth :smiley:

BTW - I shaved my beard off completely in April 2022 (when I turned 60) but I hated it - and immediately let it grow back - it’s now about 9 inches long - and will never get trimmed back (unless its an undertaker, and I did that as a 19 year old - i.e. shaving dead people for family viewings of cadavers)…

Never had a beard. Does that mean I am not “True Blue” ? The shirt at least is blue (R B Sellars) so thats genuine Oz. And you cant see the boots - they are SteelBlue - made in WA.
I like the blue… it makes a good standout icon.
The sheep are Tukidales - NZ Carpet wool breed.


I’m with you guys on the beards–check my icon! Well, mine was red once upon a time, anyway.

showing off your Celtic ancestry?

If by that you mean my northern Germany/southern Sweden Viking ancestry, then yes.

Sorry, I think that is not Celtic.
Australia has a very considerable Irish and Scottish component. Some of my family came from northern England, and my wife-s family are Irish.

Kinda proud of my Viking heritage. My wife can be Celtic with her British/Welsh forbears.

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