Changes coming to the Community

Hello folks :wave:

Discourse 3.0 is here and it brings several new features to give a more modern experience.

It’s FOSS Community uses this open source software and I am excited to try out the new features in Discourse 3.0.

  • A sidebar for quick access
  • Ability to search and insert Gif
  • New reactions
  • Get award points for your activities in the community

Those are just some of the changes I have planned. There will be new reactions and badges. More documentation for new and regular users.

There’s also scope for group chat. Though I am not sure if we should go for that. Let me know if it interests you.

Altogether, things are getting a facelift in 2023, be it the It’s FOSS website or the community forum :sparkles:


Wow!!! Got lost in here! Feels like going home to a different house. But we will get used to it, thanks!

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I can understand. As you said, we’ll get used to it :wink:

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How about getting a new moderator who is liked by everybody here, someone, who truly likes Linux, who would not call members a moron, who would not try to overpower everybody with his stupid remarks just because he thinks he is the best in the world?
I really think it’s much overdue.


I understand what you are talking about. This will be changed in 2023, I assure you.


I think I know who you’re both referring to - and this place would be VERY dull without their enlightened input (even if we don’t agree with it), that member has been a vital gatekeeper over the last 2-3 years - sure they might have ruffled a few feathers, but always ENGAGING and lively conversation…

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It is important to keep the technical content of contributions, and the enlightenment which arises from debate, to a high standard. That is what will attract new members.
Lets try and make the new Discourse work for us in that direction.


Will be looking forward to the changes. I have experienced some very rousing discussions, since joining this community. I try to be helpful and open-minded about issues. I pledge no particular allegiance, to any OS or Linux Distro, although, I can be very blunt with my opinion. Although, Gentoo is my favorite Linux to work with, for the learning experience of Linux, and their is a lot of Linux I need to learn. Thank you @abhishek for your time spent, it is appreciated.


I’m just grateful to Abishek for keeping the project moving and fresh. The only improvement I can think of is quicker banishment of the misguided advertising submissions and maybe a ‘how to get started with Linux’ category in the sidebar. I think we got SarahJ on the right track, but it took a few cycles.

I’m still just stunned at the wealth of expertise I’m privileged to witness.


Open mind. Very important.

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@nevj and @daniel.m.tripp

A healthy discussion, even if heated, is enlightening among people familiar with each other.

But for new people, it would come as offensive.

We should accommodate new people rather than castigate them for their views or technical inaccuracies.

A little politeness goes a long way. It can avoid unnecessary acrimonious situations.


You have been a long-time, valuable member like @nevj , @daniel.m.tripp , @Rosika

I may not have been active here in the past year but I kept visiting from time to time to see people discussing things among themselves.

That’s the way to go forward :clap:


That is on the cards. I have set up Akismet to auto-detect common spam.

You read my mind :brain: :open_book:

That is also in the improvement plan. There will be docs with common issues, troubleshooting and helpful tips in the sidebar.


I think I like the new look of It’s FOSS News (

Way to keep things fresh. :+1:


Glad you noticed it and liked it :slight_smile:

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My reading glasses (googles) I don’t need to read the computer screen but I used them to look for the
Log Out on It’sFOSS pages any suggestions :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think you only need login for the forum.

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I was asking about It’sFOSS home page having an option for logging out.
not for the forum here.
Curious checked the forum here and there is no Log Out option here also.
Why can I not find them ?

I found it for the forum.


I found it.
Upper right hand corner. Little figure like a person on the Home page.
Log out

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