Chromebook Apps on linux

Is there a way to run chromebook apps on a linux machine. I’m a teacher and a number of educational apps are available for chromebooks, but not for linux. Is there a workaround? a VM? Anything?

What applications do you need? A Chromebook mainly uses online services, so you can use them anywhere.

there are a number of education focused apps that will not run through my browser. SparkVue is an app used to connect to lab probeware. Graphical Analysis is an incredibly powerful graphing software for simple lab data and analysis. Both are available for MacOS, Windows an ChromeOS, but they run as apps on chrome, not within a browser window

As you see, it runs in a browser. A Chromebook’s purpose is to run almost everything in a browser.

I do not know either of the apps you are trying so no confirmation of this working

It creates a usb to make the machine into a Chromebook and may well offer a solution.

But you could also look at educational versions of Linux

But as stated before, I thought the idea of Chromebook was to run everything web based in the browser

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Both of these work from your links (THANKS!), but how did you find them? I’ve searched and can’t find these or any other apps. It seems the only way is to find the link on the company’s site. Is that correct?


I don’t remember how I found them, but I remember being on their homepages.

Extensions have to be published to the Chrome store, to be publicly available for search. If the extensions aren’t publish, you cannot find them in the store. It’s always a good thing to start with the producer of the product, if you want to find out information about it.