Chromebook, Linux and Epson Scanner Help

Hello all. I am a complete novice to linux and most things computer related. I stumbled here because I read this post

The reason I want to install Linux on a Chromebook is because I want to use an old Epson v600 flatbed scanner for 35mm film. However, the scanner is years old and only supports windows, Mac, and Linux. I am hoping there is a way to run the drivers on a Chromebook. This way I can return the cheap windows laptop I bought.

I own a ASUS Chromebook Flip C302

This is the Epson Scanner

Does anyone think it’s possible?


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it seems to me the quickest way to test if ubuntu will work with this scanner would be to create a live usb and see if the scanner works in that environment first. that way you don’t go through all of the steps to install ubuntu only to find out for some reason it is incompatible with your older scanner.

I think it should work. Looking at SANE supported devices it seems, this scanner is not supported by SANE, but Epson definitely has Linux drivers.
The pakage seems to be couple months old only, so probably not a 10 years old driver working on Ubuntu 12.04…
This is promising, and I would give it a chance.