Cinnamon for 18.04

Can someone share the latest Cinnamon DE that works with Ubuntu 18.04 ? I am fed up of Gnome freezes.

What do you mean by


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PPA, a method to install - in that context :slight_smile:

i haven’t tried it, but this article was updated just a few months ago.

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I am not sure if this is what you are looking for. When I tried Cinnamon on Ubuntu, it didn’t work that well, but that was over a year ago so things might be different since then

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Thanks @01101111 @ElectricDandySlider

During my previous attempts, once it worked fine for me. The PPA was broken on another occasion. I simply cannot live with Gnome freeze anymore. That is the only reason I want to use this. Otherwise, I got use to the Gnome/Stock Ubuntu DE experience.

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i like ubuntu mate personally. something about gnome just feels off to me. i like cinnamon on mint. haven’t tried it on ubuntu. i’d be interested in knowing how it goes.

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Works fine so far. I will try to keep it up for a few days. Hopefully it will work fine.


What is the difference between Cinnamon and Cinnamon ( Software rendering ) ?

Cinnamon works best with Mint it is the default Desktop for it as it was developed by the Mint team to be the desktop environment. So it gives the complete experience when on Mint.

Cinnamon is available for other Distro’s as it is open source, but might not work as well on them as it is not native to them. I know that some use it on others and it is offered as an alternative DE for them. I have tried a few with it and have personally found this to be the case, although others might have a different experience with.

So really there is no real difference, just that it (seems) to work best on Mint, but can be used on others.

I hope this makes sense

I have installed alternative desktops on a number of distros by doing the following. It may not work, but is worth trying.

Open Synaptic Package Manager >Search for Cinnamon-Desktop >Select Cinnamon-Desktop-environment >Apply >Close Synaptic >Logout >Login, selecting Cinnamon_Desktop.
Cinnamon should now be your default desktop.
Best of luck.

seems to be about what the gpu is capable of. at least according to this discussion.

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I had video playback issues last time. This time, it is fine.

which one did you decide to use? with or without rendering?

Plain " Cinnamon " option. Not the software rendering one. Works fine so far.