Cinnamon Menu Editor - missing icons for apps

While playing around in the Cinnamon Menu Editor I accidentally made two apps that had icons disappear. - Stacer and GTKHash.

Both are still executable using the Terminal, but the y are missing in the Menu.

I was able to get GTKHash to appear by using the Flatpak version, but I can’t get the Stacer icon back.

I removed both apps and reinstalled them but the problem I introduced remains.

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

Right click the Mint icon on the lower left of the desktop and select “Configure…”. Select Menu Editor and from there you can add apps and icons as customized as you like.
Try this…

Thank you.

I made it that far, but I was moving apps around into different folders I made two of them lose their icon and listing on the menu. They can only be activated now using the CLI.