Cleaning Ubuntu (Cache, Logs...)

Hello, I’ve seen a lot of guides abotu cleaning Ubuntu cache, logs, APT cache…

There are some guide (or software) that includes all of this? It is mostly to have everything centralized and to look at only one resource to do it.

I’ve used Stacer, but I don’t know if the cleaning it does is enough or, apart from using Stacer, it would be necessary to execute some other command to perform a more effective cleaning.


With any cleaner you need to be very careful because you can do harm to your system. With that said I use a combination of Stacer and ubuntu-cleaner Ubuntu cleaner can be found here. There are others but these two do what I need.

Yes, I understand that. I take it into account.

As for these 2 programs, what is the difference between them? At first glance they seem to erase the same thing.

One difference is that Ubuntu Cleaner will also remove old kernels and their header files. This can save a lot of space on limited HD’s Also it removes unneeded packages (though you can do that with apt it’s just easier to do it with one app. Stacer only removes Chaches files and log entries crash reports. Some of which ubuntu cleaner does not clean so with both apps you get most of what you need.

Okay, thanks for the explanation :slight_smile: