Cleaning up linux system

Next time I pass your area can i drop in for short back and sides ?

You could then sell my hair for research purposes and make millions …

What a strange job and fail to see the connection with linux but you dont need to justify that to me.

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When I first started in sheep breeding research, my boss was a scientist
who put himself thru Uni during the Depression by earning money shearing sheep.
I asked him to teach me to shear. He was a good teacher, I learnt to use traditional blade shears and machine shears. It takes a lot of practice to become fast… I never really got to be quick, but I have the technique both to hold the animal and to maintain the equipment.
The connection is sheep genetics involves lots of computing to process data, and lots of practical handling of sheep.
When I retired, we got a small farm and bred Tukidale sheep. They grow carpet wool.
When we got too old and closed the sheep business, I went back to computing.
I have always flip/flopped between maths and agriculture… it keeps me sane
and physically healthy. There are not too many people of my age that can shear sheep, and even fewer that can keep up with modern computing.
Some would say, who would want to?


Every day i continue to learn new things in totally different subject areas.

I had no idea the complexity of sheep or anything behind that. Like most, I watch little lambs playing on a hill side and think cute, but that is the total depth of my knowledge.

Originally from Yorkshire where we did have woolen mills, but most had closed as I was growing up so never got involved in that side, although many of my school friends became weavers on leaving, I had decided I did not want to get my hands dirty with work I chose other career paths.

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An acquaintance of mine, used to be sheep shearer - but once he hit 50, decided it was time for a change, so he became a bus driver…

Aussies tease New Zealanders about sheep, but Australia’s just as much of a sheep culture (I mean literally, not necessarily by metaphor) - and one of our cherished songs is “Waltzing Matilda” which is somewhat, about sheep - a “jumbuck” is a sheep…


How many sheep will 3 acres feed!!! Been so wet here, I can hardly keep up with the grass cutting!!!

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About 3 per acre in the Summer, down to 1 per acre in the Winter.
They need fences, and are susceptible to predators.
It is wet here too, only it is Winter so grass is slowing up.

On the cleanup topic , have you heard of rkhunter ( rootkit hunter). I thought I was onto something then I found

" RKHunter is famous for it’s false positives. ClamAV is better! "

Maybe not so wonderful.

On another tack, do you know if Gentoo has a USE flag that restricts it to C source code? ie no C++ or Rust.
Could probably allow python and shellscripts.


England was once the centre of the worlds wool textile industry.
They failed to update machinery. Wool processing needs different machinery to cotton or synthetics. To set up wool processing needs either a lot of capital or an army of home spinners and weavers. Then when you have it all set up, you can only process wool… not other fibres.


Like many things the uk WAS the centre of manufacturing but as you pointed out lack of investment, cheaper goods from overseas and lack of interest from some sectors to work caused a massive decline.

Not sure now anything is really uk made… steel, cars, motorcycles, even electric is imported from France.

My town of birth had a massive carpet fabrication factory which no longer exists. Bradford, halifax, Huddersfield all had wool exchanges and more factories than you could count. Now either pulled down or converted into designer flats at silly money.

The uk is good at one thing, shooting its self in the foot, brexit is just another more modern sign. Not happy, blame Europe, biggest market on the doorstep and they prefer to ship food half way across the world at what cost to the planet.

Sorry political rant over with for now.


In answer to cutting the grass, we dont have enough rain or water from the snow on the high mountains to supply the tourists during the summer months and once again going into water restrictions, so the answer here appears to be install plastic grass, looks nice, good to walk on bare foot, but cats and dogs dont understand the keep off the grass signs.

Good for the planet, dont think so

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Yes I have, and it isn’t good!!! Would never have it on my PC!!!

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Its also out of date if the web site is to be believed

2018 makes it 6 years since updated so dont think it will have the latest updated signatures available

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It is sad. I have a British heritage. My fathers family came from Shrewsbury in Shropshire and Newcastle on Tyne, my mothers family came fron Middlesex. They all migrated here in the 1890’s and early 1900’s. They found a better life here.
To give you some idea how tough things were around 1900 in England, my fathers father was one of 13 children, 11 of whom died in the first year of life. The parents and 2 surviving children migrated.
We saw the decline here… in the 1950’s we had a Vauxhall car and rode on Bedford and Leyland buses. By 1970 we had an American car (GM) and Volvo or Mercedes buses.
I think UK is still up there in the academic world, its Universities still rate. It is the practical things that they seem to mess up. They dont seem to make much software…Ireland does better.

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Rkhunter and chkrootkit.

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Manually defragmenting a Linux filesystem (such as ext4) is not needed. It’s done automatically as files are written.


I had read that before somewhere but was not sure.

I dont fully understand the differences between the different linux filing systems. Ext3, ext4 etc.

My teaching computer days are from dos with fat 16, fat32 and ntfs where Microsoft were just too lazy and there were many noncontiguoist blocks hence the need.

I did already understand ssd and the interdiction with that type of media

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A long time ago, i was very sportive and layland factory had an athletics team and facilities so did manage a factory tour, but think the plant has gone and is now housing.

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Did I really need to run either
Rkhunter and chkrootkit on home computer systems ?


I thought @Mike_Waters was agreeing with @Daniel_Phillips and saying that you should NOT use either of these pieces of software?

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As he just listed them it was not clear advice or discouage ?

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Someone mentioned rkhunter, so I was just trying to say that there was another, similar tool. That’s all. :slight_smile:

Both are more important on s public server than on a home device. But I’ve run them on both. Can’t hurt.

The first and foremost way to protect our Linux machines is to be diligent about installing the latest updates soon after they become available.