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After a weekend of frustration (did a whole bunch of overtime on Sunday 'cause a certain cloud and software vendor out of Redmond Seattle moved an IP address from its Australian infrastructure to a Latin American country which speaks Portuguese) - doing this :

My Linux desktop(s) - selecting text in Firefox/Chrome/Terminal - and in Linux (shared clipboard across Synergy clients / server) I can paste the X buffer with middle click - sweet! Been doing this 20 something years…

Flick across to a Citrix or RDP session, to my MobaXterm session on a UNIX or Linux server - but my X buffer is not in that system’s clipboard, so Middle Click pastes whatever was in the Window session’s clipboard - so EVERY time I X select some string in Linux, I have to rememer “right click + copy”, or “ctrl+c” or “shift+ctrl+c” to be able to paste that into the MobaXterm session (note : by default MobaXterm “does the right thing” - i.e. middle button pastes - it’s Windows that’s screwy)…

So this morning I decided to research solutions… found “clipit” :

"sudo apt install clipit"

Fire it up - hit preferences, check "Use Primary (Selection) and “Synchronize clipboards” - and hey presto! If I select some piece of text in an RDP or Citrix session (MobaXterm automatically puts it in the clipboard - I think PuTTY does too) - and clipit puts the clipboard contents into the X selection buffer and middle click pastes the stuff copied from Windows into the Linux application I’m using, and vice versa!

I’ve read stuff before about Linux clipboard managers, and never really saw a use for them - until now

It may not sound like much, i.e. saving having to right+click+copy, or press ctrl+c or shift+ctrl+c - but then multiply that 3-10 seconds saved by 200 (maybe 500 a day?) - and I’ve saved HALF an HOUR or more!


Thanks for sharing a useful tool here! Personally, I’ve been using CopyQ for my work. Will test this out! :smiley:

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