ClipGrab With YouTubedl Up To Date AppImage

These instructions will give you the latest version and as it is a App-Image it will be set as a launcher inside Menu/Internet.
Follow the instructions below and change mark to your username.

Open a terminal and run these commands in sequence…
Install Python sudo apt install python
Getting python installed YouTubedl will work after ClipGrab has installed YouTubedl.
Create a directory for the ClipGrab AppImage:

mkdir -p ~/.AppImages/ClipGrab

make it the current directory:

cd ~/.AppImages/ClipGrab

download the ClipGrab appimage into it:

wget -O ClipGrab-Latest.AppImage

make the ClipGrab-Latest.AppImage executable:

chmod +x ~/.AppImages/ClipGrab/ClipGrab-Latest.AppImage

download an image to use as an icon:


create a launcher for it by creating a folder in .local called applications, then running:

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/applications
xed ~/.local/share/applications/clipgrab.desktop

and when a blank file opens, make it read:-

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Download YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. Video Clips

(be sure to change the 2 instances of ‘mark’ to your username)

SAVE the file.
Then logout or reboot for changes to take effect. You should see ClipGrab inside Menu/Internet.
xed is the name of my text editor, so use the name of your text editor.