Color rendering on the website dark mode looks weird for the header bar popups


I am a kind of ardent reader and check It’s FOSS for Ubuntu things. I use the dark mode to go easy on my eyes. But the text(only some of it, mainly in the header) looks kinda screwed up like the dark mode CSS just didn’t do the text borders properly.

It looks kind of like this:

I posted it as an issue in one of my repos. If it is a problem, and you know how to solve it, please do.

PS: OS: Windows 7
Browser: Vivaldi 4.2

works just fine for me on Brave, and Chrome, in dark mode… wherever there’s an option to use dark mode, I chose dark…

It doesn’t work as expected, and Vivaldi is based on Chromium, Chrome’s open-source version, with some other bits and bobs, so it has to be a browser error or OS error.