Command 'add-apt-repository' not working

Ubuntu 18.04
Whenever I try to add any ppa, after I give this command and hit return, nothing happens and the cursor keeps blinking till I abort. Please help

You are not even asked for entering your password? Strange. Can you do a “sudo apt update” normally?

Yes, the other update and upgrade commands work normally

If I wait for a very long time this happens, and then if I give the same command it asks for the password but again becomes inactive and does nothing.

Out of curiosity. Are you able to add any other PPA?


Numix GTK theme & Numix icons are available in Ubuntu repos, check the Synaptic package manager.

If you would prefer the Numic Circle icons, (I do) you are able to clone them from GIT.

sudo apt install git
git clone
cd numix-icon-theme-circle
sudo mv Numix-Circle /usr/share/icons
sudo mv Numix-Circle-Light /usr/share/icons

This keeps your use of PPA, low, depending who you believe about PPA’s, as I work on the same principle with browser add-ons.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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No… the command is not working for all

And of course nobody actually looks carefully at the command.

You are supposed to type add-apt-repository and not apt-add-repository.

Guys, before you think that someone has an extremely rare bug, think of this first before trying to hardcore debug something. :sweat_smile:

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gotta admit i missed it too :slight_smile: was waiting to see some cool fix. and here it is! nice catch

edit: but in the first screenshot, he has it in the correct order. interest intensifies…

I don’t know why, but after testing it apparently works either way. Very confusing. Didn’t know that, because I usually exclusively use Debian and its derivatives.

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found this older article on ostechnix relating to 12.10, but thought it might possibly help.

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@Akito and @01101111

add-apt-repository and apt-add-repository… both are same. You can use either for adding a new repository to apt sources list.


If nothing works, try adding the repo manually by creating a file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d. For example: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/libreoffice.list.
Then enter ppa:libreoffice/ppa. Quit with Ctrl+X and press enter when asked whether you want to save the file or not.


Which distro are you using?

I’m currently on Ubuntu 18.04

anything work so far?

Not yet… However I haven’t tried adding the repo manually as told above. I’m still searching for some way I can make the apt-add-repository work