Comparison of Open Source CMS

I’d be interested in an article on It’s FOSS about comparison of open source CMS frameworks like wordpress, joomla, drupal etc. with respect to web development. What is better in what aspect etc. Can you please do it?


While you wait for the review,

  1. WordPress

Easy, lot of plugins + themes

Annoying updates and large no. of attacks on targeted vulnerabilities.

  1. Joomla

As good as WordPress

Back-end is hard for new users, lesser themes and plugins when compared to WordPress

  1. Drupal

Not as good as the above 2. But is widely used

Thank you @meetdilip! Some experts in the industry say that do not use Joomla as it got less developers. Instead go for Wordpress or Drupal. Please review it based on vulnerabilities, UI, support, experts ideas about these.

I will be waiting for your article. :slight_smile:

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I am not a staff, but a basic user like you. I have used them before, so I simply passed on what I know.

Joomla is well maintained from what I know. But nowhere near WordPress. I would personally choose Joomla over Drupal ( if you are not afraid of Joomla back-end).

I hope someone from the team will give you a solid info. Good luck.

I am not a hard core programmer. But I also use Joomla. It is bit difficult than wordpress. I guess Joomla 4 will be easier. Can’t say when they release stable version.