Condominium management program

Hy, my friends,
I know this is a very specific area, but I was elected condominium manager of the building where I live, along with 2 other managers who only use Windows, and I’m trying to find an affordable condominium program for Linux, Windows, or online: our building is very small and we don’t need a professional commercial management program for 100 buildings.
Do any of you know of a program that you can recommend for me to try out?

For now, we’re working with spreadsheets

Thank you very much



Hey Jorge, my business partner and I actually had this problem recently where our google spreadsheet was just getting too out of control and unwieldy. After looking around we settled on Tenantcloud. We found that of all the companies offering property management suites, most of them had pretty ridiculous pricing options that for our scale just wasn’t worth it. We’ve had absolutely no complaints since starting to use Tenantcloud, it has all the features we want, gets updated pretty regularly, and support was very quick to answer our questions about the initial startup.

Admittedly we haven’t gotten around to trying anything else so I cant compare it use wise to other property management suites, but we still feel like we made the best decision based on our research.


Hi Snoopy ,
Thank you very much for your reply.
I’ll check Tenantcloud and see if it’s what we’re looking for

Thanks again


Hi Ryan (@Snoopy),
Just to update this thread

We ended up opting for a proprietary program, Flexdomus, in Portuguese, which is online via a browser abd doesn’t create incompatibility between operating systems.

As I couldn’t find any Office for Linux that was 100% compatible with MS Office, we’ve moved all our support and archive documents to Google Docs and Sheets.

Thanks again for your help