Consider to create post about Web Browsers available only on Linux

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Just some days ago I watch on Youtube a video in Spanish about Midori and just fews days ago was published

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  • Could you consider in create a post about all the web browser available only on Linux? it including the advantages/disvantages

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We have a similar article to what you have suggested.


Thanks, practically the 95% are multi platform. In PeppermintOS appears other options. Furthermore exists Maxthon and SeaMonkey (not sure if they are available for Linux) …

I am interested to know the lightweight options

Thanks for your understanding.

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Lightweight browsers is a difficult area.
The lighter browsers tend to be out of date and not work well
with modern version of html.
The lightest is Dillo… you will find it very limited… for example it has no inbuilt search engine… you have to go to the google URL. It will not display itsFOSS forum page properly. It used to work well 20 years ago… that is the problem, not updated to suit modern internet.


Thanks for the feedback … interesting the situation.