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First, may I say that I find It’s Foss the most useful site available. It brings me up-to-date information and answers a good many queries. In addition, I have so far found the members very helpful, and without the patronising, sometimes insulting, attitudes shown on many sites, such as Linux Mint Forum. Thank you very much.
My query is simple. I keep getting updates that say that I am being sent them because ‘we haven’t seen you in a while’. In fact, I am a regular user of the site and would like to point that out, but there seems no private way of communication with anyone; only this feedback section. I wonder if it might not be possible to have a way to send insignificant queries like this which have no public function.

If you click on a member’s name, a small window pops up and you can click “message” to communicate with someone privately. :wink:

@abhishek might be able to help with that.

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I have just checked your profile and see that you joined in Sept 18. Although it shows you as being a new member on this post. I can also see from this that it seems that you haven’t started a topic.

As others have mentioned, you can send messages to community members as they have explained to you.

You may be familiar with other forums, but this is very different here. As long as it is not offensive then no question is insignificant and others might have the same question, which is why we have the boards.

The messenger service is really for members who wish to communicate directly to another, say for example one moderator to another. Other than that, I would like to think that our community is a friendly place where we communicate freely with each other. If this ever ceases to be the case then I shall for one and I am sure others will feel the same would not want to be here.

Oh and you can turn off notifications in your user settings - if you want help to do that just ask one of the Moderators and we’ll be happy to help.

Many thanks for the replies. I especially appreciate the explanations/advice from ElectricDandySlider.

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Thank you for saying that