Cosmic cuttlefish art inspired by ubuntu 18.10

i saw this beautiful ubuntu 18.10 inspired art over on the ubuntu subreddit. i thought it was cool in and of itself, but also neat that it was created with krita :slight_smile:


I saw it on Twitter. Looks impressive.

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How the heck they come up with those names =\

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i was kinda curious about this as well and a quick search came up with an article from @abhishek himself :slight_smile: i personally like them. i feel like it gives them a little personal touch.


I love the names in Linux - far better than just a number they give each release a personality - or is that just me.

And yes I know the last reply to this was 6 months ago, but we’ve had new members join since it was posted and I am sure some of them would have wondered and will find this interesting.


i had meant to follow this up with a post of the same artist’s inspired take on the disco dingo for 19.04. instead i’ll just append it here. i would like to note that this one was created with krita and blender (both free and open source):


Damn I just saw this now - and been using Cosmic for a few months now… This time next week I’ll probably be running Disco Dingo… I kinda prefer the Cuttlefish artwork than the Dingo…

and besides that, we Australians have never lived down Meryl Streep’s atrocious affectation of “Strayan” - with “the dingo got my byebee” (never mind Elaine’s hilarious dingo + baby outburst in Seinfeld)…

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