Could not find or load main class *.class Java 7

all of a sudden I get this Could not find or load main class *.class when typing on the command line java *.class. The class file exists. javac *.java works just fine.
Three days ago everything worked perfect, now it does not work with any of the former files either.
Yesterday, I was looking online if I can upgrade to java 8, but I didn’t do it , because I was afraid to uninstall something. So I don’t think that anything bad could have happened.
Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit,
thank you, Theano

Why do you name a class with a wildcard character? Because of stuff like the problem you are experiencing, it is generally bad practice to use keywords reserved by the programming language for naming anything related to the project. That said, as a good practice, you should name your class in a way which summarizes what the object is supposed to be once instantiated. If you create a class for a gas turbine, it should probably be called GasTurbine.class .

Yes, I am terribly sorry. I have now realized it myself. I apologize for having such a stupid problem.
I consider it a positive experience because of the contact with other people


Thank you, thank you so much.

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Apologies are appropriate when executing an error more than 1 time. The first time a specific error occurs is for learning purposes.

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