CPU Fan Speed: Any Ubuntu Apps that can measure this?

Hello Community, I’m a newbie to Ubuntu and I’m running it on several old Lenovo Thinkcenter Tiny M73 PCs (see pic here - Detailed specifications for ThinkCentre M73 (Tiny Form Factor) - Lenovo Support AU )

I’m a long-time Windows User (please don’t hold that against me) and I’m used an app call SIV to monitor my PCs as these machines are doing intensive CPU tasks.

One of the readings I’m interested in is the “Fan Speed” (see highlight below)


This is important to me as it’s is a leading indicator if a PC is overheating and/or the cooling system needs cleaning (too much dust).

I have installed on my Ubuntu an app called pSensor, but it did not detect my Lenovo’s fan (FYI, there is only a single fan in the PC).

Are there any Apps that I can try to install that may detect and report my CPU’s fan speed?

I’m not a technical person, so I’d be easily lost if I have to compile a driver and/or may likely mess up setting without some guidance, so I thought I reach out to this much wiser group.

Any help or advise?

Thanks in advance.

Not particularly solving your question, but I wanted to comment on something.

Theoretically, this might sound fine, but in reality, fan speed isn’t that reliable. For example, in some cases it’s not regulated, at all, as it always runs at full speed. In other cases, it might not work correctly, so perhaps it’s not fast enough.

Perhaps it works fine in your case, I don’t know that, but generally I wouldn’t trust fan speed alone too much.


you can install inxi from the repository sudio apt install inxi
Then in a terminal type inxi -s and it will give you CPU Temp and fan speeed.
Inxi is a very powerful termial tool that can tell you a lot about your system. See here: inxi
This is what mine looks like right now:

inxi -s
  System Temperatures: cpu: 49.0 C mobo: 0.0 C 
  Fan Speeds (RPM): cpu: 0
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Give this one a go


With instructions on install for different versions

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Thanks everyone you posted a reply (@MetawarsLive , @callpaul.eu @kc1di and @Akito ).

I went ahead and installed many of the different apps mentioned to see if any of them would automatically detect the sensor on my motherboard that reports CPU Fan Speed. Unfortunately none of them were able to detect the sensor. Even the most comprehensive of tools “lm-sensors” was not able to detect as I went through the setup procedure.

Not to worry, thanks for your help anyways. I did find some very useful apps for monitoring CPU and other aspects of my PC. Much appreciated.