Create a Category in this forum to report bugs about errata in the tutorials

Hello Friends.

Because we are human is normal make some mistakes. In the following tutorial:

Exists the following sentence:

And this is where Notepadqq comes in picture. It is a look alike of Notepad++ which almost same features. If you are a Notepad++ fan, I would suggest to give Notepadqq a try. Here is a screenshot from Notepadqq developer

Where the link targets to: and must be _ instead (Is used 2 underscores to show the plain url)

The point is, the tutorial has disabled the comments and appears the “SSO timestamp is too old” message. BTW - Yes I am logged.

So if is created a category dedicated to report bugs/typos in the posts would be nice.

Thanks for your understanding

Sorry, the forum is not the place to correct articles.

You should always can also use the comment section under the article. Unlike you’re saying, it’s not closed and works fine:


Thanks for the reply

According with your photo I can conclude that something is wrong, as follows how the page is rendered:

I can’t see none comment, even the one written by you. And I am logged.

Not sure what is happening - I am using Opera on Windows 10.

Some clues?

SSO means single sign on, which is the method to log in to this site.

If you’re logged in to write in this forum, you should also be at
Could it be that you have used itsfoss in the past (more than two months ago) with a different id (i.e. email address)?

If you go back to the article and click on the little person’s icon at the top right corner of the page, can you confirm that you are truly logged in? It should show your username and your email address.

Interesting this situation …

I did do a re-subscription to the newsletter through my email account because the server was changed and then was created the forum account. That’s all

I logout from Opera. Google Chrome was opened (all historial/cookies deleted), logged again, and the same situation happens. It is unusual.

That’s a good idea @Manuel_Jordan

The feedback category could be used for the time being.

@Mina comment section is indeed handy for quick corrections but forum could be utilized when a tutorial needs major changes. Easier for us to track because comments get lost in the pile.

I used to keep a ‘article needs update’ form previously so that people can easily notify of any technical error.

I’ll try and bring back some similar arrangement.

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Sorry. I thought, not all authors were actually using the forum, so such requests might go unheard if posted here.

my bad

I read all the comments and messages so I keep a tab on those things :slight_smile:


Hello @abhishek

Thanks for the reply … Yes, the forum tools are better than the “comments” approach of the own tutorials. The point of @Mina is valid, about the authors presence in the forum, but a notification to indicate them that a new category was created is enough, of course the point is how to know who is the author of the tutorial being reported (I mean the author’s account in the forum) … that’s other history

btw the SSO situation can be resolved? I tried some things but the problem remains … of course, if the category is added as requested … I can discard this approach.

Best to all!