Create Linux Mint bootable usb with Rufus in Windows pc(SOLVED)

When installing windows 10 in a Uefi supported Motherboard using Rufus.I configured it to have a GPT partition & a Fat 32 boot file system.The boot file system depends on the size of either the install.esd or install.wim file.The install.wim file size is larger.
For MBR partitioned disk.NTFS boot file system is selected

Fat 32 maximum file size limit is 4GB while NTFS support more than 4GB.
If install.wim is more than 4GB.Rufus require user to select NTFS boot file system.
Question >
1.When using Rufus to create a Linux Mint bootable Usb to install Linux mint on an MBR partitioned disk(Legacy Bios motherboard).,can I select NTFS as boot file system?
2.Does Linux Mint OS has a install.wim file where one can check the size?
3.Do I need to enable Persistence & does persistence affect which boot file system to use?

SOLVED:It’s Fat 32.Thanks to Akito &

Could you post screenshots of how that looks in gParted?

Not only on that. I always tend to give it more space, to be safe. I recommend at least 500MB, or 1GB to be sure it will certainly fit on Linux. For Windows, I would have to see the sizes. Don’t know how much would be safe there.

I’m also not sure we are talking about the same boot partition here. There are several partitions, which are like a boot partition. For example the EFI partition can be either FAT or FAT32, but it will always stay tiny.

Please, post screenshots of how the installation, the partitions and everything else looks.


No. But again, not sure if you are correct about looking at the install.wim size, in the first place.



I think you misunderstood what I wrote.I had already installed windows 10 using Rufus,just describing the setting i used in Rufus.

According to Rufus Manual,for UEFI motherboard,select GPT partition & Fat32 boot file system.Only change to NTFS if install .wim is above 4GB.
& for Legacy Bios motherboard .select MBR partition & NTFS file system

Now i want to create a Linux Mint bootable USB with Rufus in Windows platform & install Linux Mint in an MBR partitioned disk in a different pc(Legacy Bios motherboard).

I am just wondering if that guideline is also correct & valid when installing Linux Mint on a MBR partitioned disk,that is setting the file system to NTFS in Rufus.
And you replied,just leave it at default Fat32,correct?

Indeed, it’s hard to understand.

Could you provide screenshots of what you are talking about? That would help in understanding.