Creating FOSS App to Fix my damn Windoze - Need Suggestions

Why & What?

Long story short - Was forced to migrate to Windoze 11 due to hardware driver issues (unfixable unless manufacturer makes drivers for some custom hardware). Anyway, Windoze is still wack. Everything about it is shit. Graphics are slow even with GPU acceleration on bare metal. Need to defrag after a heavy workload to maintain sanity. BUT, more than all the skunk, security sucks. Downloaded 5 free AV’s and they all have basic stuff missing, data collection is rampant (disassembled all of them using dnspy :stuck_out_tongue: ).

After using W11 again for few weeks, I’ve decided to make something awesome for those FOSS people that may be forced for some reason to use Windoze & even the normies can benefit from it. Keeping it FOSS, but plan to input some revenue stream on it, either through 1337 microservices that use ML/AI or ads (later of which I will be directly taking from companies / businesses & not from c*ck sucking ads agencies that spread malware).

LE Preview

It’s a pre-release. All of the features that you see under Dashboard are working!! (don’t worry that IP is cloud system with vpn)

Screenshot with expanded items - Bob-EXP-Pre-Release-2 — ImgBB

LE Working Features

I’ve created and tested the following features & honestly I’ve started to use my own app for a lot of stuff :slight_smile:

– Background Services –

  • Automatic System-Wide Application Patching using Trusted WinGet sources
  • Automatic Advance Persistent Threat (APT) Hunter in files & processes with help of Threat Intel sources & Yara rules
  • Automatic Application Updates - Self Updater
  • Add Custom Scripts & Apps as Services

– Application Pinning –

  • Ability to pin anything, from executables to python scripts to text files. Allows scripts to be run as apps.
  • Automatic file SHA-256 hash detection & scanning again multiple AV’s for free (Virustotal like, but using a different freeware service that allows bulk scans)
  • Automatic process scanning againt APT-Hunt before executing

– Threat Feeds –

  • Grab threat intelligence feeds using both GET and POST (json) api requests
  • Parses known threat intel feeds format (yara, stix, ostix)

Any Suggestions?

I’m not new to development, but I’m new to grandeur / best windoze app in the world development. So any suggestions relating to UI, features & Menu Items changes are appreciated. As soon as the main features in the Menu Items are completed, the will become a Pre-Alpha release on GitHub with AGPLv3 license.

Much Tanks For Reading My Pasture lol