Cross platform Cloud Storage Options

Does anyone have any suggestions for a cross platform cloud storage service (other than Dropbox)? I like what I see with Degoo but it doesn’t have a Linux app.

I also use MEGA, alongside Dropbox in both Linux (Deb/Ubuntu distros) and Windoze. MEGA used to offer 50 GB for new signups (not sure about now) and you can select individual folders within your installation to sync, rather than being limited to a single folder like Dropbox.

Go to MEGA and check it out.

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Thanks you, I’ll check it out!

SpiderOak used to have a solution, but I can’t find it now.

I would recommend pCloud if you are also privacy related


Another pCloud user here. I use their native client on multiple distros without issue. The lifetime purchase option is fantastic.

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I use Dropbox “mostly” - but after a period of unemployment I cancelled my pro account, and even then I barely used 150 GB of my 1 TB allowance… Been using Dropbox “cross platform” for 10 years now - so - I’ve earned 11.5 GB anyway… but could never get a “client” to work on ARM powered Linux devices…

Tried NextCloud and OwnCloud (running in jails on my FreeNAS) but wasn’t satisfied - the main thing I wanted was to have a cloud sync that also ran on Linux ARM devices (e.g. RPi)… then I found “Resilio Sync” (which also has a jail based plugin for FreeNAS) and haven’t looked back since!

I runs everywhere - my iPad*, my Android phone, my Windows desktop at work, my three main x86 Linux machines (including my bionic laptop I “lug” to work everyday so I don’t have to use Windows), 2 x RPi3b, BananaPi, OrangePI 2E+ (plus more - CHIP, Pine64, MaruOS on my Nexus 5)…

Loved it so much I bought a “lifetime” pro license (includes 5 user family license) - but haven been able to convince any of my family to use it as well.

It’s probably even faster than Dropbox in my experience - but there’s one major difference - it’s not a “cloud provider” - i.e. you store / replicate your data on your own devices/storage… pretty similar to a self-hosted Owncloud or Nextcloud (I could never get the client for either of these to run on Raspbian - plenty of info about running the server on an RPi, but not the client).

If you pay for a license for Resilio Sync you can do “selective sync” - however - I found a “workaround” to do that without paying… e.g. you’ve got a 100 GB music folder, a 50 GB document folder, and a 1 GB shell scripts folder? Just create a new sync “target” for each of those folders separately - and if one your machines doesn’t have 100 GB available, just don’t sync the music sync “folder” to that device.

I keep my main bash shell scripts folder in Resilio Sync - and I’ve got access to all my shell scripts… pretty quick too - and it syncs over the interwebs (e.g. I edit a shell script from my work location, check the “peer” on a Linux machine in my home network 5 mins later, and it’s sync’d!).

There’s no “GUI” in Linux - but - the WebUI (default runs on Port 8888) is fully functional… The Windows client does have a GUI, haven’t tried on MacOS, but had no dramas on iOS (iPad) or Android (although the Android app does seem to lag a bit sometimes, and stop running)…

I even started writing a shell script to install it on debian, ubuntu and RPM based distros, but didn’t work so well on Fedora or CentOS and gave up… I do a few tweaks to it after installation so it runs as my user account on boot and by default listens on [instead of] - so I can access a headless machine across my LAN, and opened up another port on my router with a port FWD rule so I can get to the “main” (or master?) web UI on my NAS (it’s actually pretty much 100% peer to peer, and uses bittorrent protocol) from the interwebs…

If anyone’s interested and wants to look further - let me know - I can share my rudimentary bash script…

I actually started “really” using it when I was 3000 km away from my home NAS! True story - worked perfectly, couple of ARM devices and my Linux laptop, in Melbourne, syncing to my Resilio Sync FreeBSD jail on my NAS at my home in Perth…

*iOS - the RSL client also has a rudimentary “mini” media player which lets me play FLAC audio files! But it’s far from usable - lack of FLAC playback in iOS is probably the main thing stopping me switching from Android to iPhone (I really kinda hate Android) - but this rudementary media player is far from ready for primetime - so I’ll stick to Android for the meantime…


I used to use dropbox. It’s nicely integrated into my file system. However, I switched to Google Drive. I can script backup using “rclone”, which comes with Ubuntu, Mint and other popular distributions. “rclone” is similar to rsync.

Regardless of the cloud service, you can probably use rclone. It’s very open. See

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Mega and pCloud are some of the better alternatives. Here are a few more options:


Here’s my choice-pCloud.

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I’ve used Dropbox in the past but I understand they are no longer supporting Linux? I’m looking into pCloud now, I like the option of a lifetime subscription and they also have cross platform support.

Thanks! I’m planning to try pCloud but I’ll check out the suggestions!

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As a customer, you shouldn’t put up with abuse. Fire them.

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I also use Resilio. It works well and has been rock solid stable since BTSync beta days. If you have multiple NAS’s that you want to sync it does a great job.

My only gripe with Resilio is having a centralized website to manage it all. It gets convoluted quickly and I could never figure out a way to secure remote access to the web console. Sounds like you have that licked.

I also convinced my employer to purchase their business product. It’s unbelievably fast.

TL;DR - Resilio is fantastic product but has a bit of a learning curve IMO

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No - they’re going to continue supporting Linux, but only on ext4 filesystems, which isn’t a problem for me…


I run the daemon as my user :

    sudo sed -i -e 's/''/''/g' $RSL_SVC_CONF
    sudo loginctl enable-linger "$MEME"

(where $MEME = my user account name - e.g. “export MEME=x”)

systemctl --user enable resilio-sync
systemctl --user start resilio-sync ; systemctl --user stop resilio-sync

Then configure it to listen on instead of :

 FUGFILE="/home/$MEME/.config/resilio-sync/config.json" ; OIP="" ; NIP=""
 sed -i -e 's/'$OIP'\b/'$NIP'/g' $FUGFILE
 systemctl --user start resilio-sync

I use avahi - so then I can just https://NEWBOX.local:8888/ and configure…

It would be a bit of handful with hundreds, but the half dozen or so machines I run it on - it’s pretty straightforward… from there I just copy a read-write sync key for a share from another host, and paste into the new host…

Perhaps it’s harder to setup than self-hosted Own or Next Cloud - but not in my experience…

I also recomment pcloud. A lot of free storage. Very easy to use and works great in linux.

Update : my workplace started blocking btsync/resilio a couple weeks back… doh!

Solution - bring laptop home each evening, bring into work again next morning… but I hate lugging laptops around!

So - I bought a 256 GB USB thumb drive for my BananaPi running Armbian - which I’ve soldered battery leads onto the board and run it off a LIPO (BPi supports LIPO power and recharging)… “mostly” works a treat (I keep a 5 port Gbit switch on my desk) syncing ~120 GB of data (mostly ~87 GB of music files)…

(except for this morning - wouldn’t connect to work LAN, looked at console [hdmi cable] - heap of ext4 errors - so I powered it off - and it boots up with wrong date+time and WILL NOT NTP the date+time… so I had to break out the big guns and "sudo date -s “13 NOV 2018 12:13:00"” to force it - seems good now… odd behaviour - then you realise that Ubuntu and Debian Stretch obsoleted /etc/ntp.conf and replaced with /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf - which doesn’t seem to have any config items anyway)…

P.S. pcloud looks good - but there doesn’t seem to be anything but i386 and x86_64 builds for Linux clients (I kinda need ARM)…

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Attachments (documents and photo’s) allways saved on GoogleDrive. Movies and music on a extarnal drive.
too bad there is no app for google drive on linux but I can live with that.


I’m making the switch from Dropbox to MegaSync for my public cloud stuff…

(I’m still using Resilio Sync as my private cloud sync)

Dropbox just lost me - I paid for “pro” for nearly 3 years, barely used 200 GB, then lost my job so cancelled my plan, but I still had 11.5 GB allowance I’d earned by referrals and other things…

Anyway - just this month or late August, Dropbox (very quietly) changed their conditions for Free Users - THREE DEVICE LIMITATION! I’ve got 7 devices connected! So - I just bought a new phone (Nokia 4.2 - which I kinda hate - but my 2013 Note 3 was on its last legs - and it was dirt cheap brand new, without handset or telco bloatware)

That’s useless for me - I have a Windows 10 machine at work, a Ubuntu 19.04 machine at work, a Ubuntu 19 machine at home, a Ubuntu 18.04 machine at home, a mobile phone and two tablets, and I occasionally access Dropbox from a Win7 VM I used to VPN to work…

So - switching to MegaSync - so far so good - thankfully my employer doesn’t block access to it!