Curious about your PC's boot up time?

Have you ever tried the command sudo systemd-analyze:


Startup finished in 2.732s (kernel) + 3.187s (initrd) + 46.479s (userspace) = 52.398s


I never really wondered about it. Thanks to you, an interesting command I learned today.

Here’s what it showed to me:

Startup finished in 7.112s (firmware) + 13.268s (loader) + 2.238s (kernel) + 15.790s (userspace) = 38.409s


In Windows, 360 Total Security flashes the boot time every time we get into a session.


over on linuxquestions when i was first learning, i got a sharp retort to a command i suggest someone else run which was “you don’t need sudo with that!”. so i will try to be a bit more tactful :slight_smile: and say i don’t think systemd-analyze needs sudo to run. at least my results were the same with and without:

Startup finished in 14.821s (firmware) + 3.393s (loader) + 4.362s (kernel) + 1.180s (userspace) = 23.758s

on my system linux mint (this result) seems to boot faster than bodhi which usually takes closer to 40s.

a couple of interesting options are systemd-analyze blame which “prints a list of all running units, ordered by the time they took to initialize.” (from the man page) and systemd-analyze critical-chain which “prints a tree of the time-critical chain of units (for each of the specified UNITs or for the default target otherwise).”


On an ThinkPad T410 running the testing branch version of Manjaro Gnome, goes to show how much of a performance difference an SSD can make even on an older machine. :slight_smile:

Startup finished in 4.121s (kernel) + 11.987s (userspace) = 16.108s reached after 11.563s in userspace

Cool command. Thanks for sharing.


I learn of this command in just the past few months and not only like it, but think it is very useful.
My desktop is a HP Compaq 8300 i5 – 3570 3.4 GHz CPU. My systemd-analyze.
Startup finished in 5.301s (kernel) + 6.774s (userspace) = 12.076s
Wow! Boot up in 12 seconds! I win … LOL.

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been using it since Mint 18.2 my current in 19.1 is this Startup finished in 2.773s (firmware) + 3.517s (loader) + 16.716s (kernel) + 26.441s (userspace) = 49.447s reached after 1.969s in userspace
To be honest it is not something I bother with as long as there are no hangs, although it might be interesting to see what 19.2 brings as this in now in beta 2 so could be out next month or the beginning of September

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Works in KDE-neon, but MX linux comes up with “Failed to parse reply: No such property ‘FirmwareTimestampMonotonic’”

No Systemd?

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this link is a couple of years old and doesn’t explicitly cover the newest mx release (18.3), but seems to indicate that mx uses sysvinit (like antiX) even though systemd is “present but disabled”.

I downloaded, extracted, compiled and installed the latest Kernel 5.2.2 and this is what I got. Not much different.

Startup finished in 2.671s (kernel) + 3.375s (initrd) + 59.953s (userspace) = 1min 6.001s


out of curiosity, what distro are you running?

I have a 3 year old AMD 8 core 64 Bit with 16 GB Ram running OpenSuSE Leap 15.1.


Startup finished in 11.029s (firmware) + 216ms (loader) + 23.477s (kernel) + 10.128s (userspace) = 44.852s reached after 4.010s in userspace

Startup finished in 10.090s (kernel) + 37.705s (userspace) = 47.796s reached after 32.493s in userspace
Mint 19.1
(Thanks for the new command!)


Startup finished in 3.650s (kernel) + 5.763s (userspace) = 9.413s reached after 5.756s in userspace

Asus GL703VD running Ubuntu Mate 19.04, Samsung 970 EVO 1Tb, 32 gigs Samsung RAM,


Thinkpad T 530, HDD, Ubuntu 18.04
Startup finished in 4.047s (kernel) + 35.086s (userspace) = 39.133s reached after 34.859s in userspace

Thank you for the interesting commandos,

$ systemd-analyze
Startup finished in 3.532s (firmware) + 5.958s (loader) + 4.726s (kernel) + 2.745s (userspace) = 16.964s reached after 2.728s in userspace

On my six year old Laptop.


Y’all getting such good times, I wonder what gives with mine?

cliff@cliff-desktop:~$ systemd-analyze
Startup finished in 8.892s (kernel) + 1min 35.069s (userspace) = 1min 43.961s reached after 1min 16.791s in userspace

So I ran the blame game. Here are the top 10

cliff@cliff-desktop:~$ systemd-analyze blame
41.722s systemd-journal-flush.service
40.915s dev-sdb1.device
24.604s keyboard-setup.service
22.849s systemd-udevd.service
18.681s apt-daily.service
18.534s plymouth-quit-wait.service
13.237s snapd.service
12.531s apparmor.service
11.593s gpu-manager.service

It’s a regular HDD, Intel i5-3450 CPU, at 3.2 GHz. and 8 GB RAM.
Is this still within the range of “normal”?


A very short answer from my experience yes for a HDD


Wow ! It is really super fast … My older Win 2000 take over +/- 20 seconds
for boot up, and my ( also older ) Win 8 about 13 seconds.
Kernel stuff is majoritary gulty by long boots up e power off Pc’s.
This is the price of technology when advance:rabbit2: