Custom OS for Samsung A3 (SM-A300FU)

Hi all,

This might not be for this forum but I’ll give it a go anyway. Admins are free to delete :slight_smile:

Im wondering if anyone have installed a custom OS for the Samsung A3 (SM-A300FU). I cant get TWRP to work on it, and was wandering if anyone has any experience with this particular phone. This model (SM-A300FU) is pre OEM-lock/unlock if relevant.


Could you provide more information on what guide you used and what you tried to do, exactly?

Did you look here:

Cant remember. I was fooling around with this stuff for about a year ago, but gave up. I tried again now. I dont think those ROMs/Kernels/Res will work as the SM-A300FU is 2015/2016.

For 2015.

Maybe this will help too.
It’s “only” Android 10…
…but can be upgraded to 11: