Cut and Paste - Kali

Fresh install of Virtual Box and Kali Linux. I can Copy/Paste in Kali Command line and in Windows. But can not copy between Kali and Windows. I am sure there must be a setting that i am missing.

Thank you… i downloaded the file and followed along the instructions…at the Device…Install Guest CD i get a error…
Unable to insert the virual optical disk…details could not mount the media drive.

however on the virtual box monitor under Storage under Controller IDE there is [optical drive] vboxguestadditions.iso listed -

Maybe it’s only a small mistake, as you suggest:
Have you checked the option “Device - …Clipboard - bidirectional”?
(I only have the german version at hand, so it may be labelled differently)

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Thank you very much for the help and links. Got it fixed after I reversed the install process for the Guest Install…all good

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Many thanks for the help and link…got it working … see above

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