Day 3 with latest MX AHS

Damn - very unpolished… Almost unusable from an Accessibilty perspective…

The fonts and DPI are so tiny that it’s nearly impossible to even find the Accessibilty settings - and when you do - THERE’S BUGGERALL there to make things more visible to the vision impaired (I am)!

So you have to juggle around what seems like THIRTY different widgets to increase font sizes - some of which do SWEET FA, and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to set the cursor larger…

This is on a 14" FHD - everything’s tiny and I have to squint just to read stuff…

Steam was a simple “sudo apt install steam” and now I’m trying to get it to install Borderlands 2 in Steam (Linux native port of FPS game). Seems pretty straightforward.

Per above - I would in NO WAY recommend this distro the vision impaired… it’s PURE garbage from a visility persective…

I eschew all that other Accessibility stuff like sticky keys (I HATE that!) and keyboard cursor, and screen reader stuff… I JUST WANT text that I can read, icon big enough to guess their function, and application window titlebars to be big enough to read what they are… None of this comes out of the box with MX, and none of these is easy to find, or tweak…

That is a clear deficiency. I am marginal for vision impaired… oK on desktop but make it larger on laptop. Android tablet deals with it partly… doesnt penetrate all apps.
Glasses with the right focal length for a screen helps a lot.

I noticed Devuan has fontsize icons on the Xfce screen by default

From : High Resolution Displays – MX Linux

Xfce 4.14

Xfce 4.14, introduced with MX-19, supports HiDPI scaling:

Go to Settings Manager > Appearance > Settings > Window Scaling and select 2 as the scaling factor.
Go to Settings Manager > Window Manager > Style and select Default-xhdpi in the theme box on the left.
These steps set 2x scaled resolution for Xfce and other GTK 3 apps. For different resolution options , check the Xfce Forum.

And what do you get? PURE GARBAGE - everything’s GIGANTIC and utterly ridiculous! Things like OK buttons now off screen… RIDICULOUS! Go back to school MX…

WTF is wrong with having some other setings like 1.25 or 1.5 ???

Tried Steam and installed Borderlands - that seemed okay…

Was able to install Teams - but - it was nearly unusable due to the SHITE scaling settings that MX impose on their users…

I think I’m going back to Ubuntu… But as previously mentioned - I barely use this laptop - so I might just close the clamshell and wait till Ubuntu 23.04 comes out…

Looks and feels like it was put together by hobbyists… which is probably true :laughing: by hobbyists for hobbyists…

MX Linux Wlidflower works :100: over here

I’m using a KDE version and it’s not had any of problems your Xfce install is plaqued with,

It’s the DE and not the OS. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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True, but one can only get MX21.3"ahs" with Xfce.
I suppose one could uninstall Xfce and try some other DE.

How come Ubuntu with Xfce does its scaling of fonts properly?

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Or am I reading that wrong ?

Right again
Either I missed that or it appeared since I downloaded mine.
I wanted Xfce anyway, but it may help Daniel although I dont think he likes KDE.

Instead of using scaling, try increasing the font sizes
Terminal Preferences ->Appearance
Settings Manager->Appearance->Fonts
That seems to work for me. They go in usable steps.

Done that already - MX offers too many places to do the same things…

Ended up using the standard XFCE “Settings Manager” (I HATE it when distros try to “go their own way” Garuda’s like that too - and MASSIVELY INCONSISTENT!)…

But cranking up font sizes fixes some things, but somethings are still WAY to small !


And as for KDE - I actually installed it (sudo apt install kde-full) - but not sure what effect that’s going to have or how / where to choose it 'cause I’ve got my “/” encrypted I let it autologin and start the desktop…

I’m about to reboot to see if detects I’ve loaded another DE and possibly WM…

Wish me luck!


It rebooted and stopped autologin (which must have been 'cause I installed KDE - and yeah I kinda hate, always have hated, KDE) and before I login I was messing around and trying to see where I can select whihc DE to run, and there’s an option in the top bar to increase the font, so I did - and EVERYTHING’s GIGANTIC and all the important info is offscreen, or the tops of strings are cut off 'cause the font’s too big for the piece of shit to display…


Gimme elementary, or ubuntu, or Fedora (or even Red Hat 8 or 9!) ANY day of the week! Even stock Debian (but stable is too boring, and unstable is too unstable).

Mmmm - I’m seriously considering trying out Red Hat 9 (Gnome) on here…

MX Wildflower Xffce works 100% for me on my desktop.

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I was always under the idea that in situations like this
one DE on top of another DE
Adding (install) KDE on top of Xfce
Is that another way users have found another easy way to screw things up in Linux ?
A clean fresh install although time consuming is far more streamlined for the machine.

Having two DE on the one install when it was never intended to have that,

wouldn’t that be similar to reading two books at one time alternating pages,


I tried KDE on top of Xfce in Debian once.
Some apps (eg Xfburn) stopped working.
I had to purge KDE… it was it not simple getting rid of it… apt-get purge does not always do a clean job.

I like that ‘once’
full transparency - I also tried ?? on top of KDE what a mess.

An experiment not a solution

Hmm it was either Trinity desktop or Gnome on distro PCLos

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I currently have Mint 21.1 on one of my harddrives. I installed KDE and can choose Plasma or Cinnamon when I log in. Haven’t noticed any particular problems, although I like having two to four work spaces available in the lower panel when I have a couple of projects going. Haven’t figured out how to do that in Plasma yet.

Watched Nick’s video on Plasma 27, but haven’t figured out where to find it yet. Maybe Kubuntu 2304 will use it, or KDE Neon. Right now I’m driving Lubuntu 2210 and enjoying it, but can’t seem to load Gnome Boxes. It may be that Mint is really the best all-purpose distro for me, the KISS user.

I am told Fedora has to capacity to install 2 DE’s without them clashing. Have not tested it.

You can install more than one Window Manager… for example you can add I3 to Xfce. I have tested that.

I’ve previously tried multiple DE’s on Ubuntu and it seemed to work… Choose which one to run at the GDM prompt…

Just a couple of minor glitches here and there - e.g. the splash / boot logo changed from the default Ubuntu one - but it seemed to work…

Can’t remember what DE that was, probably Budgie Desktop over the top of Ubuntu Gnome in 18.04 ?

Anyway - installing “kde-full” now auto-logs into KDE and it’s trashed XFCE… and I can’t be arsed with it - reckon I’ll stick with Ubuntu Gnome…

Probably install Ubuntu 22.10 on it - and the do-release-upgrade to 23.04 when it comes out…

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MX XFCE working just fine here.
If i install its KDE, it will always be separate and it has always worked fine for me too.
Both use modest resources, especially compared to Windows!
KDE Neon is more resource intense, but still, less than Windows too.
Can’t stand Gnome (no matter which distro).
Just can’t get into it.

You mean, use a separate full install with KDE.
Yeah, that makes sense, use multiboot if you want 2 DTE’s

I was forced to MX “ahs” with Xfce because Debian would not drive a new graphics card.
Now that I am there, I am satisfied MX is a stable distro to run my grub config, email, and other essentials. MX can “hold the fort” while I experiment with other things like Void and Gentoo.

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Is not the same as a clean install

I don’t reckon the problem originates from KDE.

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The problem originates from @daniel.m.tripp . His requirements are quite unusual. Nothing wrong with that… he just has to look hard to satisfy what he needs.