Dead Mac ... Rest in peace

After 13 years of service my Apple MacBook Pro has finally died.
A mid 2010 came originally with snow leopard moved up through a couple of new versions of the os and had a memory transplant to 12 GB about 7 years ago mainly due to me recovering a bigger memory card that fitted by chance. After no more osx upgrades available I moved it to Debian and then settled on Linux mint going through 15, 16, 17, and finally on to 19.3 but it would only ever run mate 32 bit.
But now … Reporting faulty usb, no keyboard, no mouse… No fix found after several hours of trying.
Anyway why mention it…
Took the disk out and put it in an external box, booted to that using the bios and it worked fine so was able to do the urgent job as is always the case.
It’s now sat in a totally different computer and boots fine no updates or changes needed.
Just goes to prove the flexibility of mint and Linux.
Just try doing that with a windows disk that does not like the new home, licence issues, drivers, unknown hardware… My list would go on.


Press F to pay respects to the original MacBook.

Huzzah that you were able to reanimate it again :slight_smile:

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