Debian 10.5 VirtualBox Install

Debian Cinnamon DE, the one I prefer, because
the start menu is so much like W7.

Debian Gnome DE, default DE for Debian.

Gparted virtuabox drive partitions.

One has to click on the gear icon to expand
and chose which DE to log into.

The Gnome DE.

The Cinnamon DE.

VirtualBox Windows Error
The work around for this error was to
disable Windows paging files. The machine
only has 8GB of ram, and VirtualBox, and the
VM, and what ram Windows was in need of, was
pushing the limits of the machine. Running
VM’s can be demanding.

Update Debian
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Installing VBox Guest Aditions
sudo apt update
sudo apt install build-essential dkms linux-headers-$(uname -r)
click Devices -> “Insert Guest Additions CD Image”
sudo mkdir -p /mnt/cdrom
sudo mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
cd /mnt/cdrom (run the ls command)
sudo sh ./ --nox11
sudo shutdown -r now
lsmod | grep vboxguest
vboxguest 348160 2 vboxsf

Install Cinnamon Desktop
sudo apt install -y task-cinnamon-desktop
sudo reboot

Add User To VBOXSF
sudo usermod -G vboxsf -a daniel


Very unproblematic, those VMs, huh.

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What you over-allocated memory and expected no problems? Good luck with that.

What you expect everyone to know everything about VMs? Good luck with that.

That was on my machine that is set up for Windows, Windows has to stay the VM is expendable. My other machine has no problem with a VM.

Most of the time they are!!!