Debian 10 Update Error

I am in need of some help with this Debian 10 Error
"Unable to download updates:
failed to refresh cache: E: The repository ‘
debian buster/updates Release’ does not have a Release file.
I am not sure if I am updating Debian or not.

when i added /debian to the end of (where yours has a space between), i got this page:
and looked in the /dists directory. there is a buster-updates, but no buster/updates path:

from the README file:

This directory, dists, is the canonical way to access the distributions.
Each distribution can be accessed by name or state from here.

buster-updates - important updates to Debian 10

so maybe you need to close that gap between .org/ and debian and try buster-updates?


Thanks 0!! I think think the error was related to Synaptic adding a couple of
repositories that had the wrong URL.

After removing the URL’s and rebooting Synaptics, I can now run sudo apt update
with no errors.

Thanks Akito, just what is that webpage ?