Deleting SOLID community account

Recently ItsFOSS featured an article on the Tim Berners-Lee initiative, SOLID…I found this quite interesting, so followed the links and created an account at solid.communit. But then I was rash enough to enter my real name, thinking it was private – and it’s not!! Now I find that I can’t delete the name and I can’t delete the account! Instructions on the web say to just go to the settings and click delete, but I have tried 3 different browsers and no delete button appears anywhere. The web site only has links to register and login, nothing else. It looks like this brave new world is a privacy nightmare inviting me to have my identity stolen! Does anybody have any ideas about how I can delete this account???

i took a quick look at my account and couldn’t find a delete option either. have you tried the solid chat to see if anyone there can be of more help?

Thanks, good thinking, I’ll try that and post the result.

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just found this:

and it seemed to work on mine. though i did not ok the final delete:

Excellent work, thanks. I’m getting there. Using this method I deleted my profile, folders and card but I still have an account and my page sitll shows my real name. This is better than before, at least it doesn’t now display my email address, so I am gradually clawing back my privacy :slight_smile:

The solid chat group suggested an email to, which I have sent.

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i’m glad they were able to help in the chat as well :slight_smile:

The email to resulted in them deleting my account, so problem now solved. Thanks for your help with this.

I will look at installing a Solid server on my Linux PC - but take a more cautious approach. The Solid technology certainly looks interesting.

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i’m glad to hear it all got sorted. i’d be interested in hearing how the server goes when you get it set up and running. i liked the initial idea behind Solid as well and am happy to hear it didn’t end up being a bad experience for you :slight_smile:

@grahamc Hi, would you mind marking your post as fixed now so that the community knows it has been. Thank you. If you don’t know how to do that, just press the 3 dots by the Reply and mark the arrow in the in the box so it turns green.

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