/dev/sda5 ntfs data partition

I’m probably over anxious as a newbie to Ubuntu.
According to Gparted I have a partition named /dev/sda5 ntfs data, using only 22 GiB out of a space of 137GiB, and another named ?dev?sda7 using 38 out of 98 GiB.
So I can reduce these partitions using Gparted, meaning that the space removed goes to ‘unallocated’? Is there any point in doing this?
Is there likely to be data in the ntfs files that I need?

If it is ntfs, it will not be the EFI system partition, or the bios-grub partition. So it is probably a hangover from your Windows

You can mount an ntfs partition from Linux, and look at what is on it?
Then if you are satisfied, I tnink you could safely delete it.


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Yes, that was easy, I found the ‘Disks’ already installed, seems I just have fotos and stuff so at least for the time being I can reduce the partitions.

No matter what you do, create a solid & complete backup beforehand.