Developers options in android

Hi all, :wave:

I am using an android smartphone. It´s a Samsung Galaxy A04s and currently it´s running android version 13 (One UI Core version 5.1).

As I´m still on the subject of battery consumption I´m thinking of activating developer options.

Here´s the background:

We once talked about whether or not to power the device off completely overnight or let it stay in standby node:
(Android smartphone turned on or off at night? ).

Well, in the end I decided to put it in airplane mode overnight instead of powering it off completely and then rebooting the next day.
This way I at least make sure the smartphone does not constantly ping the cell tower. :wink:

So basically it´s not used overnight and bluetooth is switched off as well.

What I don´t quite get is why battery consumption is still quite high. :thinking:
But it varies to some extent. Sometimes the battery level is down by just 2% and sometimes by 4% (after 18 - 19 hours).

I´d like to find out which processes are still running in the background in order to find the culprit this way.

During my search for a task manager (or process manager of some sort) I found out that there´s the developers option available as well:

The latter mentions the following though:

On devices running an Android-based operating system, there is a “hidden” menu with tools that access additional functionality and features.
However, many of these tools are for app development and may not be useful to the average user.
The following sections show you how to enable, access, and disable the developer options menu on Android devices.


As these tools are not enabled by default, most phone carriers don’t support them and warn that they may adversely affect your device’s performance and/or battery life. Proceed at your own risk.

That doesn´t sound good, does it? :neutral_face:

What about the “adversely affect your device’s performance and/or battery life” part?
I certainly don´t want to make the battery consume even more power than it does at the moment.
Of course I would disable it after being done with whatever I´m about to do.
So my questions are:

  • Would I possibly screw things up when activating developers option :question:
  • In case I did screw up: would deactivating developers options bring everything back to normal again :question:
  • Does anybody know of another way of tracking down which processes currently eat up most of the battery :question:

Thanks a lot in advance.

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry, Rosika, to ask a dumb question, but is that high consumption? I’d think a tiny percentage over nearly a day is trivial. I just turn off the cell data (wifi only mode) and plug the phone in overnight. Depending on the day, I might have burned it down to 75%, but it’s 100% in the morning.

I have to pay $15 a gig for all the data my wife and I use on 2 phones, but we barely consume 500 Mb in a month. Our phones are in wifi only mode, accessing the net over the cable router (free), unless we are lost and have to turn on the navigator to find our way home. Otherwise, we don’t use data or battery very much.

A 2% drain wouldn’t even register with us.


Hi Bill, :wave:

thanks so much for your fast reply. :heart:

Well, I don´t know. I had a feeling about it…
… because if I power the smartphone down completely (i.e. switch it off) it consumes far less.
Even after some weeks any drop in battery charge is hardly visible.

So you´re saying this 2 - 4% drop is not too much?
Well, thanks for your opinion, Bill.

Thank you for the additional info regarding your personal data consumption.
Seems interesting.

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Rosika,
I don’t know if your smartphone has the same settings, so I’ll give you the example of mine (please try):

  • Go to Settings → Battery
  • Select “Battery usage by app”

On my smartphone, I get a graph and a list of apps with their consumption, in descending order, over the last 24 hours:

If, for example, I want to know which afters have consumed during a certain period, I select this period in the graph:

And I can click on one of the applications that has been consuming during that time and see the statistics and eventually force it to stop, example:

I hope my answer is in line with what you want to know



Hi Rosika,

I have the same option on my Android phone that Jorge showed. On my phone it show that I charged it 21 hours ago and I have 80% battery left. Also on my phone, if I tap on the app under battery usage, it shows me an option for “Background restriction”. Tapping on that I can stop the app from running in the background.

On my phone there is an option called “Battery Saver”. I don’t use it until my battery reached 15%, but you might try leaving it on to see if the helps.

I believe I would stay away from the developer option because of the warning.

Have a good day.


Hi all, :wave:

thank you so much for your answers. :heart:

@Tech_JA :

Thanks, Jorge, for your very detailed instructions and screenshots.

It seems to be a bit different with my phone but in theory I could follow your tutorial.

What I have been able to achieve is this: I could set dedicated apps either to “standby” or to “deep standby”. That´s in “limit of background activity”.
I put 33 apps in “deep standby” and one in “standby”.

Curious thing: tonight the charging level dropped just by 1 %. So it seems to vary between 1 and 4 %…

Thanks so much, Jorge.

@easyt50 :

Hi Howard,

That´s a great setting. On my phone, however, there´s seems to be just the “Background usage limits” I described above.

Thanks for the advice.

Well, I was thinking of enabling developer options just for the sake of finding out which of the apps might be the culprit due to its processing activity.

I didn´t intend to change any settings, just have a look at the task-/process manager and then opt out of developer options again. That should be safe, I think?.. :thinking:


I also found the the app "SuperFreezZ App stopper " on the f-droid-store.

In its description it says:

  • Get back control over what runs on your phone

  • Enhance battery life and reduce mobile data usage by freezing rarely used apps

  • Especially useful while you are on a tour, where you need only some apps but a long battery life

Might be worth investigating… :wink:

Thanks to both of you for your help.

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Rosika,

I don’t know if you’ve ever accessed the developer options, but just as an example, these are the developer options on my phone:


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Thanks a lot, Jorge, for providing these detailed screenshots of your phone. :heart:

In picture 1 - right at the beginnig - there´s

running services
view and control currently running services

That´s what I was looking for.

I already did a bit of research on that:

It provides information about the RAM they are using and allows you to stop or force stop any misbehaving apps.

Thanks again, Jorge.


I wonder how you managed to take such great screenshots of your phone´s display. :thinking:

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Rosika,

On my phone:

  • Settings → Additional Settings → Screenshot
  • enable the 3-finger touch and hold option

To take a scrolling screenshot:
“Touch and hold with 3 fingers and swipe to the bottom edge to take a scrolling screenshot”


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Hi Jorge, :wave:

ah, that´s how you did it. That´s clever. As I´m a newcomer to all things android I didn´t know that.

But you had to get the screenshots on your PC/laptop in order to be able to post it here on the forum, I guess.

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Rosika,
In fact, it’s just a single long screenshot taken on the phone, as I mentioned above.

If I put 3 fingers on the display and keep them there, the information “swipe down or lift your fingers to take a partial screenshot” appears and, without lifting my fingers, if I move them to the end of the display and if the page I’m looking at fits larger than the size of the display, it starts to scroll. When I remove my fingers from the display, the scroll stops and the screenshot is taken from the beginning to the end of the scroll.
I’ll see if I can find a video about this…

I found another way to take long screenshots with Android too:


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Thanks, Jorge, for the elaborate description of how you did it. :heart:

I never tried something like that myself.
Have to give it a try some time. :wink:

Thanks also for the link.

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

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