Developing GTK+ Applications

I’m not sure about posting this type of query here, in this category, so pardon me if I’m at the wrong place…:slightly_smiling_face:

Here I go:

  • Is it a good idea to work with GTK+ applications on my native install? Or should I use a virtual machine? I’m actually a noob when it comes to GTK+, I’m just starting to learn…

  • I’ve been wanting to tinker with applications that’s directly related to the distro I use (Ubuntu MATE); for testing those apps I should use a VM right? Or do developers use another method?

I only have one PC, so developing in another machine is out of the question…:frowning_face:

I’m assuming there are lot of open-source developers here, I’d really appreciate it if you guys could shed some light…

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As for developing anything on Linux, I would recommend Docker, because it is very simple to use, very efficient & effective. The difference between VirtualMachine and Docker in a nutshell is the following:


Container (Docker):

Here you can read more on containers.

As for making GTK+ applications, I don’t have any experiences with that in conjunction with docker, but I found this.

From what you described of your current situation I would find using Docker to be the best solution, all you have to do now, is setting up access to GUI through Docker correctly.

If you are intrigued after checking out all the info shared here, I would suggest checking out this because it is very helpful if you are a beginner and starting out with docker. Best thing about this guide is, that it doesn’t have any unnecessary bulk text. It just gives you the information you actually need to be able to use docker properly.