Did my Gaming-focused Chat Dream become true?

I always wanted to have an open source product, that I can show to people who use Discord all the time for everything and then make them really re-consider to go away from Discord to this alternative. However, until now, there was no proper Discord alternative delivering such a similar design and feature set, as Discord. So, people refrained from changing away and therefore I could not convince most people to get away from Discord.

Now, this program, if it works as advertised, gives me finally the chance to lure people away from Discord, convincingly!

I will definitely check it out.

Currently, I am using Mumble. It’s an open source TeamSpeak alternative, that cannot replace Discord, as both programs have different principles and different goals. For example, the scope of Discord is much bigger than the one of TeamSpeak or Mumble.


Thanks for sharing! That will be definitely on my foss list. cheers


We do it too, I run a self hosted instance.
Increadibly low latency, incredibly low resource usage on both server and client side.
A bit weird authentication scheme however… :slight_smile:
Discord can take up to 27% CPU on an i3 8100 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’ll check this Revolt. However, I’m afraid, we can’t move over to it, as the mates should do it too, they’ll change only if their mates change too, and that’s a long chain…
Probably if Discord servers would be banned in the country… :thinking:

It’s always possible to break a chain. You just have to find its weakest link. :wink:

I know someone who managed to get all his away from WhatsApp. At least since then, I know it’s possible to move everyone, if you are persistent enough about the topic. :smiley:

Won’t happen, because there is nothing secretive about it. Same reason why WhatsApp is welcome everywhere, but as soon as you mention Telegram or whatever, you are put into the category of the “evil” ones.

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Just three hours ago another great thing happened.

I wondered what license this project would get. If it would get the popular MIT license, I would bet a thousand bucks, that Discord would copy shit from there. However, no way!

It got the AGPL!

It’s the most freedom-enforcing (watch the oxymoron) license, that I know of. In this specific case, I think this type of license is perfect, because it shows a big FUCK YOU to whatever company and even Discord itself, that they are legally prohibited from using any of the code in a modified version in their closed source crap. They would need to open source their whole code, if they would use any part of this open source project.

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