Dipping my toe!

I would like to try Linux but we are both over 70 and I cannot teach my partner something I do not understand myself. With that in mind I have an old Aspire notebook which I no longer use and would like to clean install some sort of distro for novice users who are used to only windows. Obviously this machine has a very small capacity:

Motherboard: Atom Host Bridge NM10/02
Graphics: Media Accelerator 3150 (1024 x 60)
Hard Drive: 149 GB
Ram: 1024 MB
Chip: Intel Atom N450 - 1.66 GHz

Was running on Windows 7 Home Starter 32 Bit

Any recommendations would be gratefully received!!!


Hello Dave, welcome to this forum!

Always a good idea!

essentially babies…

Nobody can do that.

Despite of Linux being very efficient with resources, you cannot expect miracles. You won’t get the sleek performance of a modern computer.

For starters, I would recommend you to watch the following video by a wonderful English gentleman:

Perhaps you can try out some of the options he presents and tell us about your experience. Obviously, you’re always kindly invited to ask any questions arising in the process and during use.




A wonderful English gentleman indeed! Christopher is utterly charming and got me to bookmark his channel.


I second your praise, cliff!


I’m a long-time Windows user and have found Linux Mint to be a great introductory distro. The GUI is very Windows-like and even has a “Start” button.

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@Kobac look at the specs of computer @NewbeeDave has.
I think a much more “lite” distro is needed there, Linux Lite for example.

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If that PC could run Windows 7, I should think it could handle Linux Mint, perhaps using the Xfce edition for better performance. The minimum system requirements look quite similar.

Linux Lite may well be a better choice. He could try both.

I’m a Linux neophyte myself, having installed my first version of Linux (Mint Cinnamon) on an older PC three weeks ago. :wink: :smiley:



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linux Mint XFCE version might be an option…