Disable The "This File Can Harm Your Computer" Message In Chrome

Hi, since i recently switched to chrome there are some things i want to change, there is a “This File Can Harm Your Computer” Message In Chrome that shows up when i am downloading .deb files, i want to disable that, how do i do that?

I don’t think there is a setting option to disable this message. It’s a built-in feature of Chrome browser.

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Glad to see you were able to help out @KITT. Is Chrome Linux? Should Chrome questions be directed to another forum? Just wondering.

Oh alright then thanks for the answer Abhisek

Don’t want to correct the boss … But

Not sure it’s a good idea to do this as the check is useful reminder. Also new version of chrome, they are moving some security feature to different parts.

well i like that feature alot but it shows up when i download a .deb file in linux and it doesent show up when downloading .exe files, strange??? also the deb file i downloaded was atom