Discontinued deb packages, why they will not install

I have a program i use on one computer, “Cliqz” runs great, and i have the DEB package, the developers have abandoned the program and answer no questions or give answers,
when i try to install the deb package on other computers it seems to install but never starts in any way , just wonder what keeps it from running, have tried it on ubunto, mx, kali, peppermint and other mint laptops but to no avail, any ideas???

Not really a solution but a fitting recommendation:

One should not used discontinued software, because it may contain security vulnerabilities. This is especially the case with web browsers.

Akito’s advise is a good reason not to use older packages.
Most often the reason they won’t install and run is because of missing dependencies in newer versions of the OS. Either the needed Libraries are no longer available or Python has newer version or other. Only way you’ll get it to work is if you use an older version of the OS. Which in it’s self can be dangerous from a security standpoint. Better to see if you can find a newer program that will do approximately what the old one did.
Good luck in your search.

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