Discovering Neofetch

Am I the only one who had not heard of the command neofetch?
Man, is it cool!
I would appreciate some tips on ways to use it beyond just the plain command.

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I’ve seen a similar thingy, but can’t remember the name/command.
[edit: Found it:]

For Neofetch I found (source:
man neofetch shows an overview, neofetch --help lists available parameters.
Maybe it would be easyer to edit the config file under ~/.config/neofetch/config.conf.
Here are some nice examples to tweak with.

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I hadn’t until you posted it Cliff - thanks

There is Neofetch and there is Screenfetch. Neofetch is actively developed.


It’s been around for quite some time, as has screenfetch. They are pretty cool commands, indeed. :slight_smile: Quick and easy way to show folks your system specs, distro, DE and themes all in one screen.

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Anyone ever tried to run it on WSL on Windows?

The ugliness is overpowering :smiley: