Do not use Google

As I have described in many posts, Google is crap.

Not only because of the mass espionage towards its users, but also because of tyranny when it comes to rules and abiding them.

Today, I got an official warning (pre-strike) from YouTube, for a playlist I created many years ago, where I added videos many years ago. It contained roughly 5000 videos, which is the maximum amount of videos allowed in a single playlist, on YouTube.

I have no idea which video caused the warning to appear and I do not own/distribute any of the videos in that playlist. All the videos in the playlist are not related to me at all, except I put them in the playlist, to keep a log of which videos I watched/liked.

This incident shows, my original years old YouTube account might be instantly auto-deleted, if more playlists will be detected as not conforming to the rule, simultaneously.

Fuck Google


Go into your google account and delete everything

I made a joke video (crappy quality too) of me as a baby, then toddler, then ~10 year old, morph into a certain failed, Austrian, wannabe “painter”, and corporal / despatch rider, in the Austro Hungarian army in WW 1, and who was inspired by Charlie Chaplin on a facial hair grooming regime.

IT was a joke, as when I was a teenager, I was the eldest of my siblings, and I was a Music N@zi - I’d terrorise my siblings if they played anything that didn’t satisfy my criteria for quality (mostly it was my sister’s Abba records, note: I still hate Abba to this day, and Frida was a “love child” from an SS “Aryan” breeding “farm”) - and put it on youtube, and shared it with my siblings… Within 24 hours, youtube had pulled it and pinged me for showing “hate content” or some such malarky! And warned me next time there’d be consequences or something along those lines…

FFS - the WORLD has lost its sense of humour!!!

Are they going to ban the Seinfeld “Soup N@zi” sketch?

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It’d probably be best to do that, but, to be honest, I’m probably too sentimental/nostalgic to just delete everything. :grinning:
Besides that, it is part of Google’s policy that nothing you delete must actually be deleted on their server.

Excerpt from their Terms of Service:

This service holds onto content that you’ve deleted

This is why I advise people to stop using it altogether. You cannot undo the damage from the past, but you can stop giving them your blood & soul. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was exactly the same… :rofl:

This is YouTube, nowadays.

I think the humour stayed the same. The difference is, back then people without it were not respected in important forms, like e.g. as a politician (perhaps, excepting kings/queens/kaisers) and their humourlessness was rather ignored or not taken too seriously.

Now, exactly such butthurt people are part of the system that run YouTube, Google, etc. These are the same people who never had humour and refuse to have the wide horizon of being able to laugh about themselves and take a joke. This then widens to any kind of joke. Even some crappy quality joke video on one of their platforms…

From my experience (this is just guessing based on my own experience!) I got the feeling over the years that they are a bit more tolerant for older videos, well older than 2015 or 2013. At least 2010.

I’ve seen a lot of new videos taken down for literally nothing worth mentioning. At the same time, I’ve seen videos that could be considered “harmful” from a today’s “nothing is funny anymore” perspective (mostly snippets from old sitcoms or other TV series), but they are mostly still alive, because they are old, I guess.


There was a video of a chess Grand Master taken down by YouTube, because his video was about how “white” can attack “black” the best way. :clap:


Update #1

I already know how YouTube/Google works, so I didn’t even try to restore the playlist.

In my response to the playlist removal, I explicitly asked for the reason why it was removed and which video was the culprit.

I did not request to have it restored. I said, I wanted to know which video was the problem, so I could avoid repeating the same mistake. I wanted an explanation of what I did “wrong”…

Still, I just got a default answer, along the lines of:

We have checked your restoration request. We checked the playlist, it’s against the rules. Your playlist won’t be restored.
You are probably disappointed. You should read the community guidelines. Go fuck yourself, haha.

Obviously, I’m just paraphrasing here, but this is pretty much the content of the mail I got as a response to my response to the issued warning.

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Web3 is coming @Akito… we can escape Google, Facebook and Amazon.

With Web3 coming:
Facebook will die
Microsoft will focus on Web3
Apple will add a second Safari for Web3
Google will commit suicide
Amazon will try to cope with Web3.


Nice dream, but that assessment does not reflect reality, sadly.



I think the problem is that Google is made of about 140,000 human beings and a whole bunch of computers (and billions of dollars). When I think about the business meetings and committees I’ve been in over the years and the human beings and computers I’ve known. I can see where expectations of such entities as Google can’t be too high, or I am bound to be frustrated and disappointed. I use Google for quite a few things, but I think I have limited it such that if they shut down tomorrow it won’t have too much direct impact on me. I would really miss Google Maps though.


I try to use Google as little as possible. I’m good with Yahoo! for search and email. GMail is horrible if you ask me.

For maps I use (now Bing, stupid name) when on the computer, but do use Google Maps on my Android phone. Apple / iPhone is another thing I avoid using completely.

I do use Amazon, but try to use other local sources when possible. If we don’t they’ll end up being the only choice. No choice is not a good choice.


Suggestion: OSMAnd for maps and navigation. (yeah, I know, not 100% Free Software…)

What’s Web3?