Do you notice any issues with the comment system on

I re-installed the comment plugin. It makes the comment system better than the default one.

Earlier, the comments were used to be marked as spam. So if you notice any issues with the new comment system, please let me know so that I can fix it.

Thank you.


I made a comment on there about an hour ago and have just checked and it is there and have been able to see all the other comments that were on there before. I don’t know if this is the information you want, but it seems to be okay as far as I can see

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Thanks for the feedback.

I was more concerned if anyone sees their comments flagged as spam or seeing error message after clicking the submit button.

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Not as yet.

Enclose screenshot which has a blue bar asking if I want to receive notifications, have not enabled it as currently receive an email, when some replies to one of my posts.


Yesterday (05 Jan 2019).

Had numerous issues with the site, login giving unknown error fault, the site crashing and error 500 server fault, flashing up when replying to a post.

My reply was partially saved this morning, and could be salvaged. :disappointed_relieved:

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Had a similar problem yesterday. It came back after an hour or so. Also had a problem with log in and just now had site is down. I refreshed and it came back up without any problems.

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Yep still getting them, lol.

The original thread was for the main website, not this forum :slight_smile:

Thanks for notifying me of this. I am looking at the logs but haven’t found anything yet.

I am suspecting that it could be the Digital Ocean, the cloud server where this forum is hosted. They have an ongoing networking issue. :thinking:


Some of the profiles could be clickable if they logged in with their wordpress or some other social account. For the rest, they are using their email address.