Does anyone use NextCloud or Cloudamo

What is your take on them?

I’m using Nextcloud since a few years. I am satisfied with it, because it has lots of features and can replace many alternatives by this single platform, when in other cases you would need several different apps for the same amount of features.

Some Nextcloud Apps are not as fleshed out as commercial alternatives, but looking at Nextcloud as a whole thing, it does a very good job in what it tries to achieve.

I can recommend it to anyone who needs a cloud with optional features like Nextcloud Talk, file sharing, WebDav support for e.g. hosting your ebook library which can then be accessed through Moon+ Reader Pro, support for different 3rd party apps, like for example Joplin, where Nextcloud can act as a backup cloud service, syncing calendars and contacts through DAVx5 and many other that I don’t but probably other people use.

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I have not used but am in the processing of installing and setting up NextCloud and OwnCloud for testing for one of our companies. We are setting up to share documents and backup devices to our hardware. Calendars have been oddly difficult so far.

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