Does Kubuntu use 'SNAP' as default?

I was confused between Neon and Kubuntu,
But after I saw ur comparison here at KDE Neon vs Kubuntu: What's the Difference Between?.

I thought of opting for Kubuntu but then I remembered that it might also use ‘SNAP’ which I really hate.
So, please tell that Kubuntu uses snap as default or not,
Also, I want a desktop that has more features and customization with stability [if possible XD]
Even if I use Kubuntu, I’m gonna use the regular 6month releases only
Which do u think should I use??

You can use snaps under Kubuntu, but the default is apt.

It’s a rock stable distribution, I’ve been using it as my main distribution for many years. You might not always get the most bleeding edge features, but as far as customization goes, KDE is always great.

I really can’t say which distribution might be better suited for your needs. I guess, the user experience will be almost identical. However, the article cited gets it wrong when it says Kubuntu is an official flavour of Ubuntu. This has been true in the very first years, but not any more for a very long time.


I am still confused between neon and kubuntu
Both look greate and are based on Ubuntu itself
Please help me choose

Sorry. I can’t - I have no comparison, as I never used Neon. I can recommend Kubuntu from personal experience, but I heard many good things about Neon.

If I were you, I’d just pick one randomly. I don’t think, there are many game changing differences. Both are mature Ubuntu-based distributions with KDE desktop.
A Linux installation is done or undone quickly, anyway.

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Do u think Kubuntu is more stable?
Can u te which of them is better for coding??

Flip a coin.

Both of them are stable and extremely well suited for coding, for everyday use, for total beginners, for seasoned professionals, for entertainment, media production and office.

Really - with the mainstream distributions (Kubuntu and Neon being two of them), you can hardly get it wrong. With which one you eventually settle down, is mainly a question of taste.